Staff & Faculty

In order to be successful, Michigan State University utilizes an experienced combination of professionals, including physicians, athletic trainers, and a wide variety of medical consultants from many diverse educational backgrounds. The athletic training staff is involved with the year round care of all injuries, illnesses, rehabilitations, and/or conditions affecting the physical and mental status of the student-athlete while competing at Michigan State University.


Dr. Sally Nogle Football, Field Hockey, Women's Golf Duffy Daugherty FB 517-884-7547
Dave Carrier Hockey Munn Ice Arena 517-353-4564
Dr. Tom Mackowiak Clinical Education Coordinator, Women's Golf IM Circle 517-884-1398
LouAnne Jefferson Women's Basketball, Men's Golf Breslin Student Events Center 517-432-1016
Destiny Teachnor Hauk Women's Gymnastics, Women's Rowing Jenison Field House 517-884-7379
Lianna Hadden Wrestling, M/W Swimming & Diving IM West 517-353-6738
Kelly Stobba Moriarty Volleyball, M/W Cross Country, Track & Field, Cheerleading & Dance Jenison Field House 517-884-7381
Matt Moreau Baseball, M. Soccer, Jenison Field House 517-884-7380
Dr. Tracey Covassin Undergraduate Athletic Training Program Director/Assistant Professor IM Circle 517-353-2010
Nick Richey Men's Basketball Breslin Student Events Center 517-432-1016

Vince Del Valle

Softball, W. Soccer Jenison Field House 517-884-7378

Dave Jager Football, Men's & Women's Tennis Duffy Daugherty FB 517-884-7543


Dr. Chris Kuenze Graduate Athletic Training Program Director/Assistant Professor IM Circle 517-432-5018
Tamaria Hollis Football, Field Hockey Duffy Daugherty FB 517-353-4412


Renee Kleszczynski Men's & Women's Cross Country, Track & Field Jenison Field House 517-884-7730



Chandler Castle Women's Rowing Jenison Field House 517-355-1627

Rashaun Bailey Football Duffy Daugherty FB 517-353-1655

Undergraduate/Graduate Athletic Training Education Program
105 IM Circle
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824