Graduate Athletic Training Students

Michigan State University's Athletic Training Program has a number of graduate assistantships available through athletic department positions, KIN Instructional course, and/or research appointments. Masters students at MSU have the opportunity to earn a degree in sub-disciplines of Kinesiology/Athletic Training. Doctoral students earn a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in a major sub-discipline of Kinesiology, a cognate in Kinesiology, or an out of area cognate in related fields such as epidemiology, anthropology, physiology etc. Graduate level course work in athletic training includes courses directed by Dr. Chris Kuenze. Masters Degree AT students are mentored by Dr. Tracey Covassin and/or Dr. Chris Kuenze. For further Graduate Program information, please contact Dr. Chris Kuenze ( or 517-432-5018.

Chastity Chov , 2nd Year Graduate Assistant,


Hometown: Houston, Texas
Alma Mater: University of Texas at Austin
Past clinical experiences: Men's Swimming and Diving, Men's Tennis, Softball, Football, Men's Basketball, Women's Soccer
Future professional goals: Working at a Division I institution
Research interests: Medial Patella Femoral Ligament (MPFL) Return to Play

Conor McDonough, 2nd Year Graduate Assistant,


Hometown: Lincoln, Vermont
Alma Mater: University of New Hampshire
Past clinical experiences: MSU Men's Soccer, UNH Women's Ice Hockey, Men's Soccer, Dover High School, Middlebury College Athletics
Future professional goals: To be the best athletic trainer I can become. Employed at a professional organization that keeps clinical and academic work rewarding and enjoyable
Research interests: Baseline Balance Performance in Division 1 Athletics: A Comparison of the BESS< SWAY, and the BTracks

Erin Moncrief, 2nd Year Graduate Assistant,

Women's Tennis

Hometown: Troy, Michigan
Alma Mater: University of Miami Florida
Past clincal experiences: MSU Track and Cross Country, UM Football, Baseball, Men's Basketball, High School, Hospital Clinic Settings
Future professional goals: Division 1 College Athletics: Athletic Trainer
Research interests: Concussions and Heat Illness

Katy Rogers, 2nd Year Graduate Assistant,

Field Hockey

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Alma Mater: University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Past clincal experiences: MSU Women's Soccer, NFL Carolina Panthers, USA Baseball, UNC Football, UNCW Baseball, Soccer, Track & Field, Swimming & Diving
Future professional goals:NFL Athletic Trainer
Research interests: Functional Return to Play After Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Reconstruction: Blood Flow Restriction Therapy.

Brett Bernstein, 1st Year Graduate Assistant,

Men's Soccer

Hometown: Melrose Park, PA
Alma Mater: Penn State University
Past clincal experiences: Penn State University Football, Cross Country, Track & Field, Men's & Women's Rugby, Men's Ice Hockey, Temple University Football, NFL Washington Redskins
Future professional goals: Head Athletic Trainer for a professional ice hockey or football team
Research interests: Pre-disposing factors to Achilles Tendon injuries

Katie Boltz, 1st Year Graduate Assistant,

Men's and Women's Swimming

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Alma Mater: University of Delaware
Past clincal experiences: Men's Basketball, Women's Lacrosse, Salesianum High School, Rowing, Swimming & Diving, Cheerleading, Football, Delaware 87ers Basketball
Future professional goals: Athletic Training at the Professional level
Research interests: ACL Rehabilitation Muscular Control Factors

Alli Gawinski, 1st Year Graduate Assistant,

Men's and Women's Cross Country/Track and Field

Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware
Alma Mater: Penn State University
Past clincal experiences: Men's & Women's Tennis, Cross Country/Track & Field, Men's Ice Hockey, Cheerleading & Dance, Women's Basketball
Future professional goals: Work in the NHL and the Olympic Games
Research interests: Concussion based evaluation techniques

Colton Siebel, 1st Year Graduate Assistant,

Men's Tennis

Hometown: Bloomer, Wisconsin
Alma Mater: University of Wisconsin
Past clincal experiences: Fall and Spring Football, Cross Country, Track & Field, High School coverage, NFL Jacksonsville Jaguars Summer Internship
Future professional goals: Collegiate Athletics: Football or Basketball Athletic Trainer
Research interests: Clinical impacts of sport specialization

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