Spartan Athletic Training Traditions

Spartan Athletic Training has a number of traditions that have been handed down through the generations and continue to be handed down each year. The various events allow the students and staff to intermingle in a more social atmosphere and helps develop lasting friendships between fellow Spartans. Spartan Athletic Trainers are not only respected for their professionalism and skills, but because they also know how to have fun when the time is right. The traditions are only a few of the many reasons that make Michigan State a special place to work and learn. The traditions help foster the family like atmosphere that many Spartans feel by working and attaining their educational experience and degree at Michigan State University. Below you will find descriptions and pictures of some of our more well known traditions, we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Spartan Fight Song

It has been an ongoing tradition that all first year members of the Spartan Sports Medicine community sing the Spartan Fight Song at the end of the year gathering. This includes first year undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, physicians and all others. You are shunned if you have not learned the fight song by the end of your first year. The Spartan Fight Song is also famed for dominating the fight song challenge at the Big Ten alumni party at the NATA Symposium years ago, way back in 1999. With the largest alumni turnout, the Spartans' bellowing could be heard throughout the convention hall in Kansas City.

Yearly, at the NATA National Symposium, Spartans are heard sharing the Spartan Fight Song several times throughout the evening. Music is part of the Michgan State tradition, so please take a few moments and listen to the sounds of MSU with "Spartans Are We" , "From the Campus" and the beautiful MSU Shadows.

Athletic Training End of the Year Banquet

May of the "seasoned" MSU alumni can remember the years of the Spartan End of the Year Gathering reviewing the past seasons in athletics and the clincal experiences. The years have passed graciously since the introduction to the spring end of the year athletic training picnic held following the annual golf outing. This gatherring was special since the first year people had to step up and sing the Spartan Fight Song. Many Spartans played softball or something similar at the picnic. Following dinner, the golf outing prizes and the seasonal awards were presented. The picnic was brought to a close by the first year people singing the fight song with absolutely noassistance from the veterans.

Most recently, the Michgan State University Athletic Training Program concludes the end of the year with our annual Athletic Training Awards Banquet held at the Skandalaris Football Complex Northe Endzone, or in the Indoor "Weave" Football facility. The yearly gathering honors undergraduate and graduate athletic training students with in rtating semi-formal or relaxed atmosphere and family style gathering. The banquet allows MSU's AT Program an opportunity to honor its graduating athletic undergraduate and graduate athletic training students. The evening is highlighted by our awards presentations, a cumulative video honoring our athletic training students, and, once again, a concluding Spartan Fight Song.

Annual Broom Ball Match

Each winter, students and staff descend upon Munn Ice Arena for the annual broom ball match up. Loose teeth, bruised shins and bloody lips are common in this free for all. Good thing there are thirty or more athletic training staff, graduate and undergraduate athletic training students, and physicians there to patch up the wounds. The broom ball match has been an athletic training student favorite for years, and is organized by the hockey athletic training student (actually Dave C. sets it up but the student takes credit). The game usually follows a Spartan hockey game sometime in the fall/winter semester.

Annual Alumni Reunion

Present and past Spartan athletic trainers gather and reunite once a year at the NATA convention. Classmates and staff can gather to share and laugh about their escapades while at MSU. The affairs for many, many years were hosted by gracious Alumnus Ronnie Barnes of the New York Giants....thanks Ronnie! Over the years, Ken Zisholz, MIoTech, has also been gracious to assist with our Alumni gathering too...thanks Ken! The Spartan Athletic Training Alumni reunion party is famed for the large turnouts of alumni that go out of their way to attend each year. It is rumored that the Spartan athletic training reunion party was the first of it's kind, and is now copied by many other universities. Thank you for al who share in our proud Spartan Athletic Training Traditions with, family, friendships, and networking. Go Green...Go White.

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