Spartan Athletic Training Alumni Directory


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Michigan State University Spartan alumni are employed throughout the world and in various certified athletic training settings. The undergraduate and graduate programs boast near perfect diverse placement of graduates into employment, graduate school, medical school, and other professional areas. Spartan athletic training alumni always remain a part of the Spartan family throughout their careers. They can often be found gathering each year at the Spartan alumni reception held at the National Athletic Trainers' Association annual symposium.

We look forward to seeing all of you in New Orleans for the 2018 NATA Clinical Symposium and the Michigan State University Athletic Training Alumni gathering.

Where are our Spartans now?

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    Gail Abromitis, Class of 1982 -

    April Aldrich, Class of 2007 - Providence Hospitals, Moore Orthopedic Clinic, Columbia, SC

    Julie Allanson, Class of 2002 - Ortho Care Solutions, VA

    Kevin Allen, Class of 2000 -

    Jeremy Allen, Class of 2002 -

    Noshir Amaria, DO, Class of 2004 – Sports Medicine Staff, Central Michigan Universit, Mount Pleasant, MI

    Paul Andary, Class of 2018 -

    Stephanie Anderson, Class of 1992 -

    Phillip Andre, Class of 2004 - (Alma College) Undergraduate AT Program Director), Alma College, Alma, MI 48801

    Marie Angelov, Class of 2018 - Physician Assistant School, Nova Southeastern University, FL

    Maggie Anstett, Class of 2010 - Carolina Forest High School, Myrtle Beach, SC

    Nicholas Anthony, Class of 2012 -

    Nick Antonelli, Class of 2010 - (Misouri Valley College) Missouri Valley College, Athletic Department, Marshall, MO

    Amy Archer, Class of 1999 -

    Chris Armstrong, Class of 2010, ATI Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, NewBerlin, WI

    William Armstrong, Class of 1976 -

    Jeremy Auer, Class of 2006 -

    Lynn (Aula) Swindall, Class of 1997- Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - All Saints, Racine, WI

    Dan Avery, Class of 2000 - Financial Planner, Culp, Elliott, & Carpenter, P.L.L.C., Charlotte, NC

    Yumi Babinec, Class of 2015 - (San Jose State University) Graduate Assistan Athletic Trainer, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

    Andrew Bacon, Class of 2014 -

    Lauren (Baker) Williams, Class of 2001 - (United States Marine Corps) United States Marine Corps Wounded War Regiment, HQMc HQBN Henderson Hall Bldg 27, Arlington, VA

    Jennifer (Baldwin) Kunio, Class of 1999 - Perfect Balance Inc., North Aurora, IL

    Julie (Banaszak) Rhue, Class of 2001 - Virginia Beach, VA

    Tara Bailey, Class of 2012 -

    Ronnie Barnes, Class of 1980 - (New York Giants)- New York Football Giants, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

    Dave Barringer, Class of 1976 - Drayer Physical Therapy,

    Alice (Barron) Kahl, Class of 1990 - Owner, OrthoSport Physical Therapy, Elkridge, MD

    Mary Barron, Class of 2005 - (The George Washington University) George Washington University,Assistant Professor of Exercise Science,Washington, DC

    Rebecca Barta, Class of 2018 - (University of North Carolina) Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer, Chapel Hill, NC

    Joshua Bates, Class of 2012 -

    Paul Beachler, Class of 1979 - 3459 Carolyn Drive, Hillsdale, MI 45242

    Pat Beckmann, Class of 1988 - (University of Missouri) University of Missouri-Columbia, Associate Director of Sports Medicine, Columbia, MO

    Carrie Beall, Class of 2005

    Kyle Beatty, Class of 2006 - (Duke University) 118 Cameron Indoor Stadium, Durham, NC

    Kelly Bedner, Class of 2018 -

    Erica Beidler Johnson, Class of 2016 - (Duquesne University) Athletic Training Education Program

    Darron Bell, Class of 2007 -

    Al Bellamy, Class of 1984 - (Temple University) Head Athletic Trainer, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

    Courtney Beltran, Class of 2014 -

    Victoria Bender, Class of 2018 - (University of Detroit-Mercy) Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer, Detroit, MI

    Eddie Benion, Class of 1998 - (Virginia Commonwealth University) Virginia Commonwealth University, Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine, Richmond, VA

    Kimberly Benson, Class of 1990 -

    Kenny Bergin, Class of 2011 - Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, MI

    Jill Bigman-Kindy, Class of 1993 -

    Audrey Bentley, Class of 2016 -

    Margaret Blackmore-Haus, Class of 1986 - (University of the Cumberlands) University of the Cumberlands, , Williamsburg, KY 40769

    Ross Blackport, Class of 1997 - Stryker Endoscopy, Traverse City, MI

    Mark Blazok, Class of 2006 - Director of Fast Fitness and Physical Therapy, Traverse City, MI

    Andrew Bliz, Class of 2013, (University of Buffalo), Athletic Trainer, Kimball Tower, Buffalo, NY

    Andrew Bloem, Class of 2015 -

    Toby Blosser, Class of 1994 - Saginaw Valley Bone and Joint Center, PC, Saginaw, MI

    Chris Bobkowski, Class of 1992 - Palantine, IL

    Lisa( Bochenek) Drzewicki, Class of 2009 - ATI Physical Therapy, Brighton High School, Head Athletic Trainer, Brighton, MI

    Becky Bolek, Class of 1996 - Columbia, MO

    Lisa Bommer, Class of 2004 - Union Station Multiplex, Chicago, IL

    Charmia Bonds, Class of 2007 -

    Michael Booi, Class of 2007 - Phoenix Coyotes, Old Orchard Beach, Scarborough, ME

    Jeff Bord, Class of 2015 -

    Bruce Bosman, Class of 2013 - Osteoppathic School of Medicine, Michigan State University

    Margaret Bothe, Class of 1993 - Lakeland Sports Medicine, Sheboygan, WI

    Brian Bounds Class of 1999 -Indian Hills Community College, Ottumwa, IA

    Jensyn Bradley, Class of 2018 - (Duke University) Physical Therapy School, Durham, NC

    Barent Bradt, Class of 2013 - Osteopathic School of Medicine, Michigan State University

    Suzy Brady, Class of 1988 - Glencoe, IL

    Paul Bragenzer, Class of 1985 - Pleune Service Company, Grand Rapids, MI

    Brian Bratta, Class of 2004 - (University of Buffalo) Athletic Training Department/Assistant Athletic Director, University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

    Kara Bremer, Class of 2007 - (Ferris State University) Department of Athletics, Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI

    Jenae Brown, Class of 2014 -

    Amy (Brown) Nelson, Class of 2003 - Port Huron Hospital, Port Huron, MI

    Lauren Bruek, Class of 2013 -

    Leslie (Bruno) Kyritses, Class of 2003 - Physician Assistant, Troy Beaumont Hospital, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

    Leah Jo (Bundt) Monette, Class of 1998 - Western Michigan University, Physical Therapy One, Kalamazoo, MI

    Evan Burke, Class of 2018 -

    Kerrie Burke, Class of 2004 - Oakwood Hospital/Grosse Ile High School,

    Fred Burnett, Class of 1996 - (University of North Florida) University of North Florida, Head Athletic Trainer, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Jacksonville, FLA

    Susan Butler, Class of 1994 - Sparrow Health System, Lansing, MI

    Ulysses Byas, Class of 1995 - Del Mar, CA

    Robbie Byrd, Class of 2003 – (Northwestern University) Athletic Trainer, Department of Athletic Training, Evanston, IL

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    Stephen Campbell, Class of 2006 - Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Marietta, GA

    Lisa (Cantu) Middleton , Class of 1994 - Marshall, MI

    Jessica Carr, Class of 2018 -

    Stephanie Carzoo, Class of 2010 - Nationwide Children's Hospital Sports Medicine,, Columbus, OH

    John Casupaug, Class of 2005 -

    Nate Cave, Class of 2008 - United States Army, Blackhawk Pilot.

    Krystle Cavin, Class of 2011 -

    Cale Chaltron, Class of 2018 - (University of Toledo) Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer, Toledo, OH

    Mike Chapman, Class of 2011 -

    Tiffany Chen, Class of 2010 -

    Kris Cheney, Class of 1995 - Lexington, KY

    Ryan Chorpenning, Class of 1997 - Lansing School District, Lansing, MI

    Kelly Cich, Class of 2013 -

    Dan Clapper, Class of 2003 - Grand Rapids, MI

    Jordan Clark, Class of 2009 - Atlanta,GA

    Joseph F. Clark, Class of 1990 - Department of Neurology, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH

    Kelsey Clausen, Class of 2018 -

    Meredith Cockerell, Class of 2008 - (St. Mary's University) Athletic Trainers, St. Mary's University, San Antonio, TX

    Lindsey Coleman, Class of 2007 -

    Katherine Collins, Class of 2012 -

    Jennifer Columbo, Class of 1995 - Fitness Manager, Genesys Athletic Club, Grand Blanc, MI

    Erin (Connors) Johnson, Class of 2002 - Rinebeck HIgh School/Orthopedic Associates, Red Hook, NY

    Ashley Conorqui, Class of 2011 -

    Abby Cordts, Class of 2013 -

    Jen Corey, Class of 2010 - Graduate School, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

    Kim (Cornelisse) Kittleman, Class of 1998 - (Michigan State University) Alumni Relations, Michigan State University,

    Chris Cornell, Class of 2008 - (Chaminade University) Head Athletic Trainer, Chaminade University, Department of Athletics, Honolulu, Hawaii

    Sarah( Murgittroyd) Corner), Class of 2001, 2003 - Ingham Regional Medical Hospital, Sports Medicine Clinic, Lansing, MI

    Dana Cortese, Class of 2004 - Ringwood, NJ

    Dan Cottin, Class of 2013/2015 -

    Keli Coughlin, Class of 1993 - Tom Coughlin Jay Fund, Jacksonville, FL

    Leslie Cowen, Class of 2006 - (Colgate University) Colgate University, Hamilton, NY

    Meredith Crawford, Class of 2002 - Northville High School, Novi, MI

    Zach Creighton, Class 2013- Fort Wayne Orthopedics/The Orthopedic Hospital/Fort Wayne Comets, Fort Wayne, IN

    Candice (Crews) Dunkin, Class of 1999 - Manager Athletic Training, Parkview Sports Medicine, Blackhawk Christian High School, Fort Wayne, IN

    Andy Cripe, Class of 1994 - Midland, MI

    Bethany (Needham) Cuatt , Class 2013 - Orthopedic Rehab Specialists/Western High School, Parma, MI

    Frank D'Agostino, Class of 1992 - Advanced Chiropractic Health Center, Chesterfield, MI

    Jason D'Amelio, Class of 2000 -Total Performance Athletic Training, New York, NY

    Roxann M. Dahl, Class of 1995 - Occupational Athletics Inc., Ann Arbor,MI

    Alexander Dailey, Class of 2014 -

    Julie Davison, Class of 2013 -

    Ryan Deane, Class of 2013 -

    Vincent DelValle, Class of 2016 - (Michigan State University) Athletic Trainer, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

    Kelly Depew, Class of 1989 - Okemos, MI

    Kelsey DeShambo, Class of 2015 -

    Maegan Dibble, Class of 2002 - Encinitas, CA

    Angela DiPasquale, Class of 2003 -

    Cathy (Dolan) Abbott, MD, Class of 1985 - Michigan State University, Department of Family Practice, East Lansing, MI

    Thomas P. Dompier, Class of 1997 -

    Frank Doria, Class of 1998 - Detroit, MI

    Brian Downie, P.A.-C, Class of 1992 - (UM Med Sport) University of Michigan Health System, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Ann Arbor, MI,

    Abby Downs, Class of 2018 -

    David Driver, Class of 2012 - Athletico Physical Therapy, Oak Park. IL

    Tara Dudley, Class of 2017 -

    Colleen Duff, Class of 2006 -

    Joseph Dunagan, Class of 1990 -Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, Plymouth, IN

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    Ted Eaves, Class of 2001 - (North Carolina A&T) North Carolina A&T University, Greensboro, NC

    Ashlyn Ebel, Class of 2017 -

    Megan Eby, Class of 2013 -

    Chris Eggleston, Class of 2013 - Leelenau Physical Therapy,

    Max Elder, Class of 2018 -

    Wesley Emmert, Class of 1977 - Rochester, MN

    Lisa Erickson, Class of 2011 - Adams State University, Alamosa, CO

    Missy (Erwin) Phillips, Class of 2004 -

    Deedra Evans, Class of 2017 -

    Brian Farr, Class of 1993 - (University of Texas) The University of Texas, Austin, TX 78712;

    Christa Favier, Class of 2001 - Queens University of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC

    Melisa Fazio, Class of 2004 - Boulder, CO

    Sophie Fekete, Class of 2018 -

    Julie Felix, Class of 1980 - (Virginia Tech),, Christiansburg, VA

    Michael Ferrara, Class of 1983 - (University of New Hampshire)

    Matt Ferrell, Class of 2002 - Brighton High School; Michigan Rehabilitation Specialists, Howell, MI

    Emily Ferro, Class of 2017 - (University of Florida), Graduate Assistant

    Chris Ferry, Class of 1997 - St. Joseph Hospital/Disneyland/Anaheim, Orange, CA

    Mike Fibiger, Class of 2007 -

    Leslie Finsilver, Class of 1997 - West Bloomfield, MI

    Shauny (Fiori) Caruso, Class of 2003 - (University of Rochester) Goergen Athletic Center, Rochester, NY

    David Fluker, Class of 1988 - (University of Cincinnati) University of Cincinnati, Fifth Third Arena, Cincinnati, OH

    Katie Forsyth, Class of 2009 - (University of Denver) Athletic Training Department, University of Denver, Denver, CO

    Stephanie Forton, Class of 2013 -

    Sam Fox, Class of 2015 - (University of Hawaii at Manao) Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer, Honolulu, Hawaii

    Sharon Frank, Class of 2012 -

    Heather Fry, Class of 2011 - Fayette Regional Health System, Connersville, IN

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    Staci Galarowicz-Villaruel, Class of 2001 - (Wright and Filippis), Lansing, MI,

    Carl Garris, Class of 2016 -

    Gina Garro, Class of 2011 - Athletico Physical Therapy, Elmhurst, IL

    Annie Gaston, Class of 2014 -

    Elizabeth (Gavin) Trebilcock, Class of 1997 -, Fenton, MI

    Rebecca (Gavin) Ruster, Class of 2002 - Arendell Parrott Academy, Greenville, NC

    Jeff Gebhart, Class of 1993 - Craig Cruisers, Hart, MI 49420 Http://

    Amanda Girkin, Class of 2009 - Orthopedic Specialists, Raleigh, NC

    Stacey Glumm, Class of 2015 -

    Genevieve (Gourlay) Pieske, Class of 2008 -

    Marko Grbesa, Class of 2003 - Memorial Hospital Healthcare, Owosso, MI

    Andrea Grajek, Class of 2004 -

    Leslie Grange-Cleary, Class of 1989 -

    Janine (Greco) Jenkins, Class of 2005 -

    Bridget Green, Class of 2000 -

    Brandon Grodman, Class of 2017 -

    Jerin Gundin, Class of 2011 -

    Theo Hagan, Class of 2013 -

    Mark Haines, Class of 1989 - San Diego, CA

    Ann Hajek, Class of 2017 -

    Kathryn Hankin-Basar, Class of 1985, 1990 - Cordova, TN

    Richard Hansen, Class of 2002 - ATI Physical Therapy, Okemos, MI

    Kate (Hanson) Lyman, Class of 2007 - (University of South Florida) 1

    Doug Harger, Class of 2013 -

    Stephanie Herberg, Class of 2015 -

    Austin Herman, Class of 2018 -

    Ken Hintze, Class of 2016 - Athletico Physical Therapy Clinic, Lansing Catholic High School

    Kerry (Harnisch) Hughes, Class of 1999 - Sanofi-Aventis, Waterford, MI

    Rachel Harris, Class of 2012 - Trinity Medical Center, Birmingham, AL

    Chuck (& Lisa) Hart, Class of 1992 - (University of Wisconsin) Athletic Trainer, University of Wisconsin, McClain Sports Medicine Center, Madison, WI

    Cliff Hawkins, Class of 2000 - Benton Harbor High School, Benton Harbor, MI

    Greg Hawthorne, Class of 2008 - (Carolina Panthers) NFL, Carolina Panthers, Charlotte, NC

    Kathleen Heck, Genzyme Corporation, Fair Oaks Ranch, Tx,

    Joshua Heinig, Class of 2001 - The United States Army

    Betsy Heinrich, Class of 2001 –

    Alicia Henderson, Class of 2005 - Director of Physical Rehabilitation, Innovative Practice Solutions, Alpharetta Health Center,Atlanta, GA

    Kerry Danielle Henry, Class of 1996 -

    Rick Hendrick, Class of 1987 - (Regis University) Regis University, Denver, CO

    Natalie (Herter) Spickler, Class of 2009 - McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, Oxford, OH

    Heather Hill, Class of 2007 -

    Andrea (Hilverda) Ciaravino, Class of 2000 - Greensboro Orthopedics, Greensboro, North Carolina,

    Kayle Hisey, Class of 2009 - Woodland Park High School, Woodland Park, CO

    Mike Hodde, Class of 2009 -

    Sarah (Hoddy) Claus, Class of 2002 - Gymco Sports, Grand Rapids, MI

    Ronit Hoffman, Class of 1990, 1992 – MSU Physical Therapy, Eyde Buuilding,, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

    Justin Hollander, Class of 2002 - (Garden City Hospital) Orthopedic Surgery Residency Ada, MI

    Nick Holbrook, Class of 2016 - (University of Kentucky) Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer

    Kyrah Holland, Class of 2016 -

    Tamaria (Hollis) Hibler, Class of 2016 - (Michigan State University) Athletic Trainer, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

    Julie Homuth, Class of 2006 - University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX

    Ashley Hool, Class of 2015 -

    Julie Hoopes-Agbabian, Class of 1984 - (UM Med Sport) MedSport, Ann Arbor, MI

    Tecreshia Hoover, Class of 2007 -

    Eric Horning, Class of 2002 - Sports Rehabilitation and Physivcal Therapy Associates, INC., Olathe, KS

    Phillip Horton, Class of 1984 - Athletic Training Concepts Inc., Huntersville, NC

    Andrew Hosler, Class of 2005 - Nashville Predators , Athletic Trainer, NHLProfessional Hockey League, 501 Broadway, Nashville, TN

    Morgan Howe, Class of 2016 -

    Pat Hoxsey, Class of 1995 - (University of Denver) University of Denver; Denver, CO

    Amy (Hubbard) Switzer, Class of 1998 - Cary, NC

    Justin Hunt, Class of 2002 - (US Freestyle Ski Team) US Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA), Park City, UT/ University of Montana, Missoula, MT

    Jason Hupp, Class of 1998 - DoD/US Navy, Functional Human Performance, P.C., , Virgina Beach, VA,

    Kim Hurst, Class of 1995 - Auburn Hills, MI

    William G. Hyncik, Jr. - Princeton Orthopedics Associates, NJ

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    Hayley Imhoff, Class of 2011 -

    Emma Irwin, Class of 2015 -

    Eric Jackson, Class of 2018 -

    Rashawn Jackson, Class of 2017 -

    Johanna Jacobsen, Class of 2000 - Peace Corp, Nashville, TN

    Trevor Jaques, Class 1982 - (Adelaide Football Club) Adelaide Football Club, West Lakes, South Australia,

    Jennifer Jallo Class of 1999 - Phoenix, AR

    Annie Japinga, Class of 2017 -

    Katie Jason, Class of 2008 -

    Alyson Jessel, Class of 2007 - Physican Assistant,

    Deon Jewell, Class of 2018 -

    Nina Joe, Class of 1988 - P.A.-C, -Concord Orthopaedics, Concord, NH

    Julie Johnson, Class of 2011 - Seattle, WA

    Mike Johnson, Class of 1987 - (University of Wisconsin) Clinical Massage Therapist, UW Health Integrative Medicine Services Coordinator, University of Wisconsin, Research Park Clinic, Madison, WI

    Jonathon Jonas, Class of 2006 -

    Ashia Jones, Class of 2015 -

    Brian Jones, Class of 1997 - (University of Toledo ) Department of Athletic Training, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH

    Sidney Jones, Class of 2008 - Sports Concussion Institute, Los Angeles, CA

    Tameka (Jones) Young, Class of 2001- Cincinnati OH

    Camillia Joubert, Class of 1996 - , Kenosha, WI

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    Holly Kasavana, Class of 1982 -

    Elias Kabban, Class of 1999 - Scheorer Hospital, Harbor Beach. MI

    Tim Kane, Class of 2014 -

    Rahul Katbamna, Class of 2014 -

    Donald Kaverman, Class of 1975 - (Harris-Stowe State University) Department of Athletics, Cape Girardeau, MO

    Erinn Kelley, Class of 2007 - Detroit Medical Center Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, Jewish Community Center, West Bloomington, MI;

    Kaitlin Kelly, Class of 2012 - Pleasantville School District, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

    Alissa Kerry, Class of 1988 - Methodist Sports Medicine, Indianapolis, IN

    John Kibble, Class of 1989 - POH Medical Center, Oxford, MI

    Lloyd Rich Kieft, Class of 1982 - Waverly Community Schools, Lansing, MI

    Deb (Koning) Kiekover, Class of 1977 - West Ottawa Harbor Lights, Holland, MI

    Ceci Kieliszewski, Class of 2018 -

    David Kindy, Class of 1993 -

    Charlie Kinney, Class of 2007 - Physiotherapy Associates, Greenwood Village, CO

    Corinne Kirchner, Class of 2003 - Harrison Twp., MI

    Tim Kirschner, Fairview Health System, Center Ridge Rehab Center at River Oaks, Rocky River, OH

    Brittany Klaus, Class of 2011 - Hudson, OH

    Luke Klawiter, Class of 2015 - (Stanford University) Athletic Trainer, Palo Alto, CA

    Heather Kleiman, Class of 2006 - Grand Ledge High School, Grand Ledge, MI

    Ryan Kling, P.A.-C., ATC, Class of 1983 - Central Virginia Orthopedics, Lynchburg, VA

    Rebecca Klinger, Class of 1996 – My Movement Coach, East Lansing, MI

    Erica Klope, Class of 2013 -

    Kyle Knapp, Class of 2015 -

    Jessica Koch, Class of 2006 -

    Allie Koestering, Class of 2017 -

Deb (Koning) Kiekover, Class of 1975 - West Ottawa Public Schools, Holland, MI

    Laura (Koss) Byrd, Class of 2003 - (Northwestern University) Athletic Trainer, Northwestern University, Evanston, Il

    Kevin Kott, Class of 2014 -

    Stephen Kramer, Class of 1991 - Welsh, LA

    Zachary Kramer, Class of 2014 -

    Patty (Krupka) Curry, Class of 1990 - CompRehab, Lynbrook, NY

    Jeff Lahr, Class of 1991 - (Winthrop University) Winthrop University, Winthrop Coliseum, Rockhill, SC

    Kelly Lane, Class of 2004 -Orthopedic Specialists/ Springport High School, Springport, MI

    Nicole Lane, Class of 2002 - Premier Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, P.C., Ferndale, MI

    Matthew Lang, Class of 2012 -

    Kari (Langley) Riddle , Class of 1998 - U Health Sports Medicine, Plantation, FLA

    Ashley Lanzon, Class of 2012 - Utica High School, Charter Township of SHelby, MI

    Brooke Largay, Class of 2011 -

    Ashley Larimer, Class of 2003 - Mary Freebed Rehabilitation Hospital, Grand Rapids;

    Brian Laurila, Class of 2001 - Oakland, CA

    Andy Lawrence, Class of 2008 - (Albion College) Athletic Trainer, Albion College, Athletic Deaprtment, 611 E. Porter Street, Albion, MI

    Tom Lawrence, Class of 1977 -Battle Creek Health System, Battle Creek, MI

    Patrick Le, Class of 2000 - Grant Chiropractic, Newport Beach, CA

    Grant Lee, Class of 2017 -

    Lianna (Lee) Hadden, Class of 2000 - (Michigan State University) Athletic Trainer, Michigan State University, Athletic Training Department, East Lansing, MI

    Paige Lehmann, Class of 2012 -

    Terry Lehmann, Class of 1997 - (South Plains College) Levelland, Texas

    Allison (Leonard) Tenfelde, Class of 1993 - Milford, MI

    Karen Leonard, Class of 1996 - Annapolis, MD

    Tad Leusch, Class of 2000 -

    Angela Lewis, Class of 2005 -

    Danielle Lewis, Class of 2010 -

    Kristina Lewis, Class of 2018 -

    Ali Lewis-Schapp, Class of 2016 -

    Anna( Leyland) Rozanski, Class of 2009 - Excel Sports and Physical Therapy, Ballwin, MO

    Amanda Leyrer, Class of 2009 - The Steadman Clinic, Vail, CO

    Tory Lindley, Class of 1991 - (Northwestern University) Athletic Trainer, Northwestern University, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Evanston, IL

    Mike Little, Class of 2008 - Sparrow Health System, Holt, MI

    Edward Lochrie, Class of 1990 -

    Nicole(Locke) Veale, Class of 1994 - Albion, MI

    Douglas J. Locy, Class of 1982 - CES Fitness, St. Paul, MN

    Nicholas Lochner, Class of 2014 -

    Jenny London, Class of 2010 - Advance Rehabilitation, Rome, GA

    Maggie Long, Class of 2015 -

    LeAnn Lousier, Class of 1997 - Racine, WI

    David Ludwig, Class of 2005 –

    Carrie (Luscombe) Drinkert, Class of 2004 - Lathrup Village, MI

    Joe Luzenski, Class of 2012 -

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    Amy Mabin, Class of 1989 - Grand Rapids Public Schools, Grand Rapids, MI

    Robert Macek, Class of 1988 - Clinton, MI

    Tom Mackowiak, Class of 1981 - (Michigan State University), AT Clinical Education Coordinator, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824

    Jim Madaleno, Class of 1980, (University of Kentucky) Athletic Trainer, University of Kentucky, Sports Center Dr., Lexington, KY

    Casey Madden, Class of 2012 -

    Dylan Mahoney-Muno, Class of 2014 -

    Thomas Mallette, Class of 1996 -

    Anya Malloch, Class of 2017 -

    Keith Manning, Class of 2004 - Pennfield High School/Jack Pearls Team Sports, Inc., Battle Creek, MI

    Colleen Mansfield, Class of 2002 - Miami Beach, FLA

    Robert Marley, Class of 1982 -University of Texas Science Center at Houston, Missouri City, TX

    Jeremy Marra, Class of 2008 - (Univesity of Michigan) Athletic Trainer, Department of Athletics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

    Jennifer Martin, Class of 2013 -

    Isaiah Mast, Class of 2016 - (College of Charlston) Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer

    Steven Mather Class of 1989 - Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids, IA

    Katy Matthews, Class of 2010 - Children's Hospital of Colorado, Denver, CO

    Heather Maurey, Class of 2008 - Physician Assistant Student, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, North Chicago, IL

    John Maxson, Class of 1995 - East Wenatchee, WA

    Christine Mayoros, Class of 2012 - Spectrum Health, Wyoming, MI

    Tricia Mazzetti, Class of 1995 - Walnut Creek, CA

    Jessica (McCullough) Blazok, Class of 2005 - FAST Physical Therapy & FAST Fitness, Traverse City, MI

    Eric McClellan, Class of 1999 -Stryker Orthopedics, Raliegh, NC,

    Maggie McDonald, Class of 2018 -

    Ron McElhaney, Class of 2009 - Occupationall Athletics, Inc, Lansing, MI

    Madeline McHugh, Class of 2011 - Athletico Physical Therapy, Chicago, IL

    Danielle (McKenzie) Armstrong, Class of 2010- (Marquette University) Marquette University, Department of Athletics, Milwaukee, WI; New Berlin, WI

    Orlando Medina, Class of 1998 - Cesar Chavez Academy/Detroit Sports Health Academy, Brownstown, MI

    Kendra Menghini, Class of 2013 -

    Andrew Meschke, Class of 2014 - (Albion College) Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Albion College, Albion, MI

    MacKenzie Meyer, Class of 2017 - Indiana University, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer

    Jared Miller, Class of 2012 -

    Brandon Mitchell, Class of 2009 -

    Shinji Miura, Class of 2008 - (University of Florida), Gainesville, FL

    Jennifer Moeller, Class of 2012 -

    Kelly Monette, Class of 2008 -

    Missy (Monroe) Rugh, Class of 1998 - PT Services; Belleville, MI

    Jill (Leavitt) Moore, Class of 1996 - Sparrow Health Systems, St. Johns, MI

    Lori (Moore) Rosendale, Class of 1995 - Sparrow Hospital, Dimondale, MI

    Jessica Mora, Class of 1998 - Smith and Nephew Orthopedics, Associate Account Manager, Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery Division, Miami, FL

    Ryan Moran, Class of 2016 - ( University of Alabama)

    Michael Morand, Class of 1996 - (UM-MedSport) University of Michigan - MedSport, Ypsilanti, MI,

    Peter Morano, Class of 1992 - (Central Connecticut State University) Central Connecticut State University, ATP Program Director, Dept. of PEHP, New Britain, CT

    Michael Morelli, Class of 2013 -

    Kevin Morin, Class of 2003 -

    Ryan Morrison, Class of 2018 - (University of Maryland) Athletic Trainer, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

    Noelle Mosier, Class of 2010 - Marketing and Operations Intern, HSBC Arena, Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City, KS

    Briana Moss, Class of 2018 -

    Zachary Mouaikel, Class of 2016 -

    Jennifer Mroz, Class of 1997 -

    John Mucovich, Class of 2010 - (Northwestern University) Athletic Trainer, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

    Joe Mulden, Class of 1993 - Grant, MI

    Martha Munsell, Class of 2005 - Fowlerville High School, Fowlerville, MI

    Emily Murch, Class of 2014 - School of Nursing

    Sean Murdoch, Class of 2011 -

    Heather Murphy, Class of 2001- Fairfax County Public Schools, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Fairfax, VA;

    Brittany Murray, Class of 2015 -

    Laura (Muskett) Kurichh , Class of 2002 - Metro Health Hospital, Grand Rapids, MI

    Yume Nakamura, Class of 2012 -

    Yusuke Nakayama, Class of 2013 - Cleveland Cavaliers, Professionall National Basketball Association, North Royalton, OH

    Bradley Nash, Class of 1990 - Alpena Regional Medical Center, Alpena, MI

    Josh Nelson, Class of 2008 - (Limestone College) LImestone College, Gaffney, SC

    Mike Nelson, Class of 2007 -

    Matt Nerrie, Class of 2007 - Elite Sports and Spine, Seattle, WA

    Patrick Nielsen, Class of 2011 -

    Nicole Niss, Class of 2014 -

    Jennifer (Nitz) Dackermann, Class of 1993 - Port Clinton High School, Port Clinton, OH

    Jessica Noblet, Class of 2007 - Assoicate Chiropractor, Northwest Chiropractic Clinic, Mount Vernon, WA

    Sally Nogle, Class of 2002 - (Michigan State University) Athletic Trainer, Michigan State University, Duffy Daugherty Football Building, East Lansing, MI

    Fumie Noma, Class of 1996 - Japan

A-B   C-D   E-F   G-H   I-J   K-L   M-N   O-P   Q-R-S   T-U   V-W   X-Y-Z


    Rober Ogar, Class of 1980 - Plymouth Physical Therapy Associates, Sterling Heights, MI

    Rebecca O'Keefe, Class of 2016 -

    Chuck Okeke, Class of 2010 - Physical Therapy School, Howard University, Washington, DC

    Sean O'Neill, Class of 2017 -

    Sean O'Neill, Class of 2017 -

    Monalisa Orr, Class of 2008 - SE Kentwood, MI

    Sarah Otte, Class of 2014 -

    Doug Padron, Class of 1999 - (University of San Francisco) Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Performance,, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

    Gavin Page, Class of 2012 -

    Drew Parkhurst, Class of 2012 - (Michigan State University) College of Osteopathic Medicine, East Lansing, MI

    Kristen (Paterson) Price, Class of 2007 - Playmakers, East Lansing, MI

    Renita Patton, Class of 1997 - University of Michigan MedSport, Ypsilanti, MI

    Marlena Payne, Class of 2017 -

    Jane (Penet) Kramar MD, Class of 1990 - Western Wayne Family Physicians, Allen Park, MI

    Brett Penning, Class of 2010 -

    Chris Perrin, Class of 2014 -

    Mike Peters, Class of 1998 - Advanced Orthopedic Specialists, Berkley, MI 48072 (PA school @Wayne State)

    Jason Pilgrim, Class of 2010 - The Sports Medic- TT, Upper Bushe Street, San Juad, Trinidad

    Allison Pitts, Class of 2011 -

    Paul Plummer, Class of 1991 - St. Vincent Sports Performance Center, Indianapolis, IN;

    Graham Polakoff, Class of 2005 - Omni Kinetics, Fox Hills Golf and Banquet Center, Plymouth, MI

    Jesse Posey, Class of 2004 - Roush Racing/Bush and Craftsman Racing Series, Charlotte, North Carolina

    Mike Post, Class of 1991 - Alamo Heights High School, San Antonio, TX

    Adam Pourcho, Class of 2004 - Center for Athletic Medicine Foote Hospital, Jackson, MI

    John Powell, Class of 1966 -

    James Pratt, Class of 1982 - Account Manager RS Medical, Lansing, MI

    Franki Price, Class of 2013 -

    Rebecca (Pritiken) Brun, Class of 2003 - Health Management Coach, Wellness Coaches, USA, Casa Grande, AZ

    Shanteisha Pruitt, Class of 2007 - (Michigan State University), Athletic Trainer, East Lansing, MI

    Megan Puffer, Class of 2014 -

    Lindsey Pyc, Class of 2008 - Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (Los Angeles Dodgers), Rancho Cucamonga, CA

A-B   C-D   E-F   G-H   I-J   K-L   M-N   O-P   Q-R-S   T-U   V-W   X-Y-Z


    Lauren Radakovich, Class of 2006 -West Penn Allgheny Health System, Greensburg, PA

    Erika Ralston, Class of 2017 - (Duke University) Athletic Trainer, Duke University, Durham, NC

    Jim Rankin, Class of 1983 -

    Katie (Rapking) Svihlik, Class 2010 - (Xavier University) Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH

    David Redman, Class of 2012 -

    Alissa Redpath, Class of 2005 – Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists, Plymouth, MI

    Rachel Reed, Class of 2012 -

    Linley Reichelt, Class of 2003 - Performance Orthopedics, Bingham Farms, MI

    Emily Richardson, Class of 2016 -

    Shelly Riddell, Class of 1998 -

    Kathleen (Riegert) Chaney, Class of 2003 – (Syracuse University) Assistant Athletic Trainer, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

    Amanda Riesterer, Class of 2008 - Carolina Family Practice and Sports Medicine, Durham, NC

    Austin Righter, Class of 2013 - PT School UM Flint

    Tim (& Heidi Seal) Roe, Class of 1987 - Sparrow Hospital/ Michigan State University Physical Therapy

    Jeff Ringelberg, Class of 2004 - Axis Performance Center, St. Vincent Medical Center, Long Beach, CA

    Kirstin Robinson, Class of 2014 -

    Antonio Robles, Class of 2005 - Detroit Medical Center, Sports Performance Academy, Franklin Athletic Club, Southfield, MI

    Justin Rogers, Class of 2009 - (Penn State University) Athletic Trainer, Department of Athletics, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Penn State University, University Park, PA

    Robin Rogers,Class of 2015 -

    Christene Roggenbuck, Class of 1993 - Harbor Beach, MI

    Chase Rogowski, Class of 2012 - Steadman Sports Medicine Clinic, Vail, CO

    Vincent Romano, Class of 1996 - EMD Serono, Biologics Key Account Manager,, Algonquin, IL

    Maria Ropek, Class of 2016 -

    Brianna Rosales, Class of 2016 -

    Kevin Rosenbrook, Class of 2015 -

    Matt Rothbard, Class of 2000 - (Southern Connecticut State University) Department of Exercise Science, New Haven, CT

    Michelle Rowe, Class of 2000 - Farmington Hills, MI

    Ricardo Ruiz, Class of 2006 -

    Jillian Rubin, Class of 2010 - (Miami University) Athletic Training Staff, Miami University, Oxford, OH

    Ashley Rudolph, Class of 2010 - (University of Nebraska) Athletic Trainer, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

    Carolyn Rutishauser, Class of 2017 -

    Francine Sage, Class of 2003 - (Columbia University) New York, NY

    Yoshitomo Saito, Class of 2016 - (University of Louisville) Intern Athletic Trainer

    Katie Salanga, Class of 2018 -

    Ryan Satkowiak, Class of 2017 -

    George Salvaterra, Class of 1980 - Bellevonte, PA

    Paula (Sammarone) Turocy, Class of 1982 - (Duquesne University) Duquesne University, Athletic Training Program 119 Health Science Bldg, Pittsburgh, PA

    Brad Sammut. Class of 2014 -

    Arthur Samora, Class of 1994 - Manzano High School, Albuquerque, NM

    Maxwell Saranen, Class of 2015 -

    Matt Sardelli, Class of 1999 -

    Patrick Sarni, Class of 2016 - (University of South Carolina) Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer

    Kristi Sawicki, Class of 2005 - Physician Assistant Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Hackensack University Medical Center, Haceknsack, NJ

    Morgan Schalm, Class of 2017 -

    Paula Schembri, Class of 1990 - Schembri Insurance and Financial Services, LLC, Dearborn, MI

    Alyssa Schramm, Class of 2013 - (University of Buffalo) Athletic Trainer, University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

    Mike Schroeder, Class of 2008 -Athletico Physical Therapy, Wheaton, IL

    Stacy Schroeder, Class of 1999 -CORE Therapy,, Santa Cruz, CA

    Dave Schlaff, Class of 1992 –

    Jodi Schneider, Class of 2005 – ( Princeton University) Atlhletic Trainer, Department of Athletics, Princeton University, Plainsboro, NJ

    Sue (Schneider) Lerner, Class of 1975 -

    Stefanie (Schrauben) Clutten, Class of 2005 - Michigan Orthopedic Center, Holt, MI

    Matt Schwartz, Class of 2001 - Eastside Church, Harrisonburg, VA

    Katie Scott, Class of 2013 - National Athletic Trainer's Association, Dallas, TX

    Eric Seeber, Class of 1996 - Breg Orthopedics, Orlando, FLA

    Jennifer Seid, Class of 2011 -

    Cheri Kay Sessions, Class of 1998 - Ancheri Therapy Care Services, Playa del Rey, CA Haiti; http//

    Nicole Sestak, Class of 2013 -

    Heena (Shah) Shirish-Jagdeep Trivedi, Class of 2000 -(Brown University) Assistant Director, Brown University, Providence, RI

    Jansen Shea, Class of 2017 -

    Christine Shepard, Class of 2015 -

    Kelly Sherman, Class of 2012 - Boston University, Boston, MA

    Scott Sherry, Class of 1998 - Gary Gray Physical Therapy Clinic, Adrian, MI

    Scott Shoemake, Class of 1996 - Kees Goebel Medical, Inc., Muskegon, MI

    Jed Siebel, Class of 2001 - Pomona College, Newport Beach, CA

    Marissa Siebel, Class of 2009 - (University of Illinois) University of Illinois, Wheelchair Athletics, Champaign, Il Community Health/ Disability Studies

    Adam Siero, Class of 2010 - ATI Physical Therapy, Athletic Trainer, Rich East High School, IL

    Kim Sieve, Class of 2007 - (Winona State University) Assistant Athletic Trainer, Winona State University, Winona, MN;

    Dave Silverstein, Class of 2002 - Orthopedic Associates of Allentown, Whitehall, PA

    Ayrn Singler, Class of 1996 - Lauderhill, FL

    John Singerling, Class of 1993 - Palmetto Health Alliance, Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital, Five Richland Medical Park Drive, Columbia, SC 29203

    John Slade, Class of 1990 -

    Randi Small, Class of 2012 - ( Oakland University) Rochester, MI

    Bianca Smiley, Class of 1993 - Inkster, MI

    Alexis Smith, Class of 2013 - Paint Creek Pedriatics, Rochester Hills, MI

    Brent Smith, Class of 2014 -

    Carrie Lynn Smith, Class of 1994 - Berkley Prep, Tampa, FLA

    Michelle Smith, Class of 1997 - Bering Omega Community Services, Houston, TX

    Nicole Smith, Class of 2016 -

    Katie (Soule) Merlot, Class of 2012 - Owosso High School, Owosso, MI

    Nicki (Sperger) Hammond, Class of 2006 -

    Jessica (Spratt) Schmidt, Class of 2006 - Affinity Medical Group/Calumet Medical Center, Chilton, WI

    Vickie Stahl-Campos, Class of 1989 - Holt, MI

    Mary Stanbra, Class of 1991 - Mountain Town Rehab ,Mount Pleasant, MI

    Jamie Stanton, Class of 1992 - Bay Regional Medical Center, Midland, MI

    Jenna (Steele) Perkins, Class of 1995 - Lahser High School, Blomfield Hills, MI

    Jane Steinberg, Class of 1980 - Moore Orthopedic Clinic, Columbia, SC

    Heidi (Stettler) Frey, Class of 1992 - Huxley, IA

    Karen Stewart, Class of 2002 - Life University, Marietta, GA

    Kendall Stewart, Class of 2014 -

    Alan Stiver, Class of 2006 - Western Reserve Academy) Athletic Trainer, Western Reserve Academy, Hudson, OH

    Carl Stocklin, Class of 2012 - (UCLA) Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

    Sheryl (Stockman) Smith, Class of 20 -- Comstock Park, MI

    Wendi Stratton, Class of 1997 - Richland, MI

    Jenna Street, Class of 2006 - United States Olympic Training Center, Coordinator Sports Medicine Clinics, Colorado Springs, CO

    Mallory Stolicker, Class of 2018 -

    Becky (Stormes) Wagley, (Class of 1980) - Adrian, MI

    Michael Straus, Class of 1992 - Sparrow Health Pavilion, Physician Assistant, MSU Sports Medicine Clinic, Hannah Blvd., Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

    Sarah Strong, Class of 1997 -

    Krissy Sutton, Class of 2006 - St. Joseph Theme Park, Disneyland;, Orange, CA

    Charlie Swingle, Class of 2016 - (University of Miami) Physical Therapy School

    Tyler Sylvester, Class of 2013 -

A-B   C-D   E-F   G-H   I-J   K-L   M-N   O-P   Q-R-S   T-U   V-W   X-Y-Z


    Jon Takahashi, Class of 1996 - Baptist Hospital Sports Medicine/Tennessee Titans, TN 3

    Jamie Tasco, Class of 2014 -

    Erica Taylor, Class of 2008 - (Emory University) Emory University, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Atlanta, GA

    Jonah Taykowski, Class of 2018 - (Indiana University) Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer, Bloomington, IN

    John Teasley, Class of 2015 -

    Clint Thompson, Class of 1969-

    Karen Thompson, Class of 1989 - Kingston, Jamaica

    Paige Thornton, Class of 2015 -

    Anna Thrum, Class of 2000 -Breg Corporation, Orthopedic Practice Solutions, Chicago, IL

    Stephanie Ticknor, Class of 2016 - (Grand Valley State University) Physical Therapy School

    Emily Tong, Class of 2008 - (Robert Morris University) Robert Morris University, Assistant Athletic Trainer,PA

    Richard Tronolone, Class of 2016 -

    Courtney (Troost) Landheer, Class of 2001 - Farmington High School, Health and Physical Education, Farmington, CT,

    Kavin Tsang - California State University at Fullerton, Thousands Oaks, CA

    Stephanie Tucker, Class of 2008 - Allcare Rehabilitation , Tampa, FLA

    Emily Turner, Class of 2015 -

    Megan Turner, Class of 2006 -Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, Miami, FLA

    Jen Tymkew, Class of 2002 - ( Northwestern University ) Assistant Athletic Trainer, Department of Athletic Training, Evanston, IL

    Michael Uzelac, Class of 2014 - (University of Indianapolis)

A-B   C-D   E-F   G-H   I-J   K-L   M-N   O-P   Q-R-S   T-U   V-W   X-Y-Z


    Salvador Valdez, Class of 2015 -

    Lillian Vandermark, Class of 2017 - (Univeristy of North Carolina) Graduate Assistant AT, Chapel Hill, NC

    Kelly Van Kampen-Glover, Class of 1997 - Midland, MI

    Carolyn Varndell, Class of 1980 - Playmakers III LLC, DBA The Foot Store, Mount Pleasant, SC

    William BJ Vascik, Class of 2006 - (LaRoche College) University of Pittsburgh Medical Center,

    Anthony Venute, Class of 2004 - (UCLA) AtDepartment of Intercollegiate Athletics, UCLA, Pasadena, CA

    Lisa VanHoose, Class of 2010 - (Marquette University) Athletic Trainer, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Staff Athletic Trainer, Milwaukee, WI

    Dalton Venden, Class of 2015 - Athletic Trainer, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

    Scott Victor, Class of 2016 - (Auburn University) Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer

    Samantha Viola, Class of 2014 -

    Katie Visintine, Class of 2009 - Orthopedic Specialists of North Carolina, Morrisville, NC

    Andrea Wagner (Ganss), Class of 2012 - Jenison, MI; Physician Extender, Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids,MI

    Ryan Walentowski, Class of 2003 - Orchard Center High School, Monroe, MI

    Stephen Waltersdorf, Class of 2018 -

    Tony Walukonis, Class of 2014 -

    Bethany (Ward) Vardiman, Class of 1996 - Lawrence, KS

    Hayley Ward, Class of 2012 -

    Keegan Warner, Class of 2016 -

    Aric Warren, Class of 1996 - (Oklahoma State University) Undergraduate Program Director, Stillwater, OK

    Kai Washington, Class of 2007 -

    Leslie (Wawro) Stine, Class of 1992 - Durand, MI

    David Webster, Class of 1988 - Luther Midelfort, Eau Claire, WI

    Sherry Webster, Class of 1989 - R&M Rehab/DonJoy, Eau Claire, WI

    Eric Wehner, Class of 2011 -

    Leigh Weiss, Class of 2006 - (New York Giants) Assistant Athletic Trainer, New York Football Giants, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

    Brad Weitzel, Class of 2015 -

    Nathan Wertz, Class of 2001 - Wertz Physical Therapy, East Lansing, MI

    Lyndsay (Wheeler) Pickens, Class of 2003 - Moore Orthopedic Clinic, Irmo, SC

    Michael Wheeler, DO, Class of 1992 - The Spine Center, 250 East Saginaw, East Lansing, MI

    David Whisenant, Class of 2011-

    Emily White, Class of 2012 - Athletic Training Resident, Houston Methodist Hospital System , Sugar Land, TX

    Heather White, Class of 2015 -

    Kevonte Wilder, Class of 2016 -

    Kristyn Wilhelm, Class of 2015 -

    Jason Williams, Class of 2014 - (University of Michigan) Athletic Trainer, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

    Jill Williamson, Class of 1994 - Rochester, MI

    Megan Wilson, Class of 2015 -

    James "Chip" Wise, Class of 1994 - Navigant Consulting, Phoenix, AZ

    Yong Woo An, Class of 2009 - University of Delaware, Newark, DE

    Matthew S. Woodruff, Class of 1998 - Taylor, MI

    Dominic Worrell, Class of 2010 - (Ferrum College) Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Callaway, VA

    Amy Worthing, Class of 1995 - 2900 Hannah Boulevard Station 104, East Lansing, MI

    Melissa Wuelser, Class of 1991 -


    Cathi Yayac, Class of 1995 - (Manchester Twp. High School) , NJ, Manchester Twp. High School,

    Tara Yeske, Class of 2008 - Warren, MI

    David Yip, Class of 1991 - Oxnard, CA

    Scott Yurcisin, Class of 1993 -Quantum Physical Medicine Institute, Boardman, OH

    Patrick Yurkanin, Class of 2014 - (University of Indianaoplis) Athletic Trainer, Indianapolis, IN

    Hannah Zelinsky, Class of 2013 -

    Courtney Ziemba, Class of 2017 -

    Qian Zhang, Class of 2016 - (Youngstown State University) Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer

    David Zheng, Class of 2018 -

Undergraduate/Graduate Athletic Training Program
105 IM Circle
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824